Revolution By Resolution

For the time being, one little heartcase is tended to.  (I’m horrible with ending sentences with prepositions, I’ve heard it’s an Ohio thing)  Everything seems neatly tucked away in it’s little space and I feel like it’s ready to be shipped off.  Praise the Lord.  Resolution feels good.

I think I’ve arrived at a temporary peace.  I am holding it close and trying to teach myself to remember this feeling, because it will not last.  I am fearful that this feeling is going to slide away from me too soon, but I accept that.  From Romans 5 and James 1:2-8 I have found that pain and crappy situations are what I need. It’s unfortunate.

The Lord has placed me in peace!  Today is my birthday… what a wonderful gift to have peace.  I am so filled.  I simply cannot express myself well today, but I just need to share this blessing. 


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One response to “Revolution By Resolution

  1. Jay

    Amen! I love days like this. Reading this blessed me today, thank you.

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