I’m Here!

Wow, I’m in Florida!  I cannot believe it.  It’s really strange being here with all these people that I have seen on facebook and now are tangible objects sitting in front of me.  They are like fictional characters that I’ve only read about coming to life out of a book or a movie.  It’s rather surreal. 

The flight down was smooth.  That was the first time that I had ever flown by myself.  Every other flying experience I’ve had I was accompanied with other people, so relying completely on myself was an interesting experience.  The most surprising thing about it was that I was completely calm!  Nothing too stressful about it, just an afternoon of flying and waiting in airports. 

When I met everyone it was rather awkward, I think.  Not because I didn’t like them or that they didn’t meet up to my expectations.  In fact, I’m elated with the people that I’m here with.  I’m so excited to get to know everyone more.  The strangeness about it was that we are kind of a predetermined family.  They said something similar to this in one of our orientation sessions earlier today, but I thought it first!  This family was chosen for me!  I suppose that’s how real blood families are too, but there’s a connection of blood there.  There is history and connectedness.  When I met one of the guys, Garren, I was just thinking to myself as we were walking… We are supposed to become family.  A strange concept considering I really know nothing about these people. 

I am not sad at all.  That’s relieving.  I’m so thankful for the lessons that God has taught me and how He has prepared me for my departure.  If I had left my friends all at once, I would have been a complete mess.  This is all good.

The orientation sessions are really good too.  I’ve had a lot of time already spent with my new family that I will be with in Puno, Peru.  I really like them.  As part of an activity today we had to write on a poster board the city name we were going to and then come up with a name/mascot and write it on the poster board in permanent marker.  Somebody said The Puno Posse… Well… I heard The Puno Pasta and that’s what I wrote and now that’s what we are!  We all thought it was pretty great and decided it truly defines our group. 

Well, that is all I have for now.  The next time I post I will probably be in Peru!


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  1. WOOHOO!!!!!! So excited to see how your adventure continues! May God bless your time in orientation, and your flight to Peru. Then I can’t WAIT to see how He uses you and your new family!

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