I cannot believe that it is already Friday.  This week has gone so quickly, even though when I first got down here I thought that I would only be in this place for about three days.  It was a little comforting knowing that we were going to spend time together for a little while before we set out to Peru.

I am so emotionally drained from these past two days.  The first two days of orientation were listening to two guys talking about the Extreme Program very very ambiguously and telling us about the Nazarene missions corps.  These past two days though, have been centered on getting to know our team members through counsel-like settings.  We did a lot of “processes” and activities where we talked through emotional blocks, fears and expectations.  Two whole days of digging inside oneself and throwing out those emotions to others has taken its toll and I am exhausted.  I said in one of out sharing sessions that I felt like I had taken an emotional ipecac and today I was dry heaving.

Sunday we go to Peru!  But first, on Saturday, we fly out to Houston, Texas where we will spend the night in an hotel.  We are all so excited to get started in the school.  It’s amazing how close we have gotten as a team in such a short amount of time.  I realize that it’s probably a honey-moon period, but I am still excited to see where these relationships will go.  We are all so excited!


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