I Like Turtles

Trevor stayed logged on, on my computer.  So I will post a little bit about Trevor.

First off, he is very much Swedish.  Like it or not.
Trevor’s favorite thing to do is to walk around el cercado all day los sabados.
His second favorite thing to do is to put cotton in his mouth and chew on it back and forth.
His third favorite thing to do is to say, “Oh man, oh man, that’s great.”
His fourth favorite thing to do is to be very gringo and very pavo.
His fifth favorite thing to do is to fold brochures.
His sixth favorite, last but not least, is to find out where Kristin‘s tattoos are.  
You like that Kristin? I got you in this blog.  I even bolded your name.
In reality, Trevor is quite joyous and passionate about being here in Peru.  We have become great friends even though we are four years apart en edad.  I like to say my maturity makes up the difference, but in reality I like to say his immaturity makes up for it.  Trevor and I are growing mustaches together, and we’re also beginning the process of growing rattails.  Yay for european style.  Trevor is also my assistant for Operation: Acquire Dog for Puno.  One that isn’t so big that it can see the table when it stands up, but one that isn’t small so you can’t punt it.  The next two years we’ll develop a great friendship between Trevor and I hope he chooses to keep this post up.
P.S. I hope you can comprehend sarcasm.

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  1. Anonymous

    haha…you make me proud Garren

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