Thanks To My Hacker Friend

I do have the horrible habit of leaving myself logged into my gmail account on other’s computers.  And if you haven’t read “my” last post, do so and you’ll understand.  Here’s a photo of the perpetrator.

Well, that’s my attempt of payback. 🙂  Garren is really a great friend.  Very sarcastic at times and hard to read (except in the above picture).  He is a very huge blessing to me on this trip, though.  His entry is a compilation of things that have happened thus far on the trip… not all are entirely accurate though, I am not growing a rat-tail, you will be glad to know.

Anyway, things are going great here in Peru.  Some of us are having a hard time with the language, others are doing everything they can from throwing up what they’re eating and then others are adjusting simply to the altitude (which includes near overdoses of Imodium and Peptobismal).

The other day we went out to Zamacola for a lunch after a morning of fasting.  The dinner was a soup and then a plate of fried chicken, rice and a salad. Well, the soup was good for me.  One lucky girl, Ashley, got a chicken foot in her bowl.  I can hear the resounding gasp imparting across the world.  Yes, folks she was served a chicken foot with nails still intact.  She did not eat it, but was very intrigued.

A couple days later at dinner I was talking with Lala, the host lady I live with, and she asked me if I have ever eaten chicken feet, liver, heart, or gizzard… I told her no.  After a bit of a conversation about the ethics of eating chicken odds-and-ends she asked me if I would eat these things if she served them, because this is something they eat occasionally here.  I told her that I would make no promises to like it, but I would try it nonetheless.  I figure, why not be adventurous.

And here’s one last random thought for the day.  I was walking across the bridge on my way home today and I was amazed at how effortlessly I could walk.  I mean, it took no thought whatsoever.  Take ping-pong for example.  We had an intense match a couple weekends ago, and it took so much concentration… Walking, on the other hand, is a breeze… you just go… no other thought needed.  I guess this is a good thing to think about as within the next couple of weeks we are putting on our Extreme Love event here in Arequipa and this guy Nick Vuijic.  He was born without legs or arms and has a very uplifting story.  Also, there is going to be Felix Vargas, an ex drug cartel worker.

That’s all for now.  And if you want to visit Garren’s real blog you can find a link along the right or just click here.


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