A Group Realizes…

When you go to class (or when you went to class) what did the view look like out the window?  Well, this is mine.  Our Spanish classes are at the office, but we don’t have enough room to have the two classes inside the office, so one group (my group) has to meet outside on the veranda.  This is Misti Mountain.  Garren has conceived that this is the very mountain that J.R.R. Tolkien writes about in his book The Hobbit.  There is a secret door in the side of the mountain that leads to a heap of gold with a dragon sitting atop that’s missing a scale.  Shoot an arrow through the scale and the gold is all ours.  At least this is the theory.

This past week in our bible study we all mutually agreed that we were kind of stuck as to what our next step should be.  We all have worked hard to get to this point.  I know for me that getting to Peru was my goal for a long time and now that I’m here it’s shocking and confusing as to what I should be doing now.  We realized that we are still missionaries and that we have plenty of opportunities to share with people on the streets etc.

Having this discussion in our bible group was a great preparation for the meeting that all the staff had yesterday.  We are getting ready for a Mega-Event here in Arequipa.  I talked a little about it in my last post, but we are expecting 10,000 people to attend all of our events.  There are 380 short-termers that are coming down to assist the project.  Our goal is to flip this city for God and to help those who will be stationed in Arequipa to plant churches.  This meeting that we had yesterday was a discussion on what needs to be done and what we will be doing throughout Love Extreme (the name of the project).  I found out I’m going to be helping promote the project on the streets with fliers, posters, and megaphones!  Megaphones!!!  I’ll also be one of the leaders (along with Garren and Micah) to organize the Rico Team a.k.a. guinea pig mascot suits!  That’s fun.

So, to all my readers I urge you to pray for this event!  This is the largest event that we ever have had and it’s extremely important.  The staff has been working ridiculously hard to get this project up and going and there’s still lots of things that need to get done.  Pray for the hearts of the community that they will be open to hear the words that will spoken to them in these events and feel God’s amazing love.  This is EXTREME LOVE here.

Aside from the BIG event we are having here is Kristen playing some Pictionary.

Or how about Garren with THIS guy?  Can you guess it?  The answer is at the bottom of this post.

I have been trying to keep a journal for myself everyday.  I thought I would want to post everything on here, but I realize that it’s an amazing practice to sit down at the end of the day and just think.  I’ve been writing everything in my journal in Spanish to help facilitate the learning even further.  It’s working well.

I would like for you all to pray for Love Extreme, like I had said, and also for those of us who are having trouble learning this language.  There are some of us that are really struggling.  Also, pray that we remember why we are here in Peru.  You may think that sounds ridiculous, but we are in a transition time until we are on the field in Puno.  What we have to remember is that we are actually on the field right now.  I have noticed that people are watching us, and people do know who we are.  Pray that we are sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us toward and our ears will be tuned to God’s voice.

Give up?  Ugh, looser.  The answer was AVATAR!


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