Amor Action

I had really wanted to post a new blog this past weekend after the first day of the start of our big project, however, I have been extremely busy and this is the first moment that has risen to taken update everyone.  Each day I am getting more and more excited for the event.  It’s this coming Saturday!  Please, everyone, PRAY PRAY PRAY!  We want to turn this town around for Christ!  We are trying to get 10,000 people to the event.  We can only do so much, but just pray that these peoples hearts will be turned and their interest peaked as we promote the big day.

I feel like as a 40/40 and not having been entirely involved in the planning process until this point.  The past few weeks I have been stuck in a classroom reviewing the language.  Other than that my time has been spent hanging out at the office studying with others or walking to and from our host family’s homes.  This is the first taste of activity that we have gotten.

These past few days God has revealed to me that He can work through me and that He will.  Everyday we are assigned to a project.  The first day of preparation for the project we had all gone out to the airport and picked up all the short-term missionaries from the airport.  Once we had them at their hotels I was assigned to a project to promote the event by getting taxi drivers to participate in our contest.  The winner gets a laptop.  So, these taxi drivers just have to give fliers to their passengers.  We gave each of the taxi drivers a packet of 100 fliers.  The taxista (taxi driver) who gets the most people to the event wins the laptop.  I DID NOT WANT TO TALK TO TAXI DRIVERS!  I was so nervous… I did it anyway and I did fine.  No problem.  Today my assignment was to take four short-termers around town on a combi (bus), one of them dressed up in a Cuy (guinea pig) mascot costume.  I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS!  This meant we had to get in a tight space with a larger costume and tons of people packed on board.  I did it anyway… and this time I thought, God has placed me in the circumstance and I know that He will be me through it.  I prayed a lot on the bus… I fell in some mans lap when I wasn’t holding on the the bar… (extremely embarrassing) and I got to share with a ton of people about the event!

What I’ve realized is that I’ve been putting a limit on what God can do.  I also have realized that my thought patterns are more directed toward the flesh.  I have found myself saying that I cannot do that… instead of giving myself over to God to use me.  I can’t do these things, just myself, but what I’ve forgotten is that God is  working through me and that it’s Him that is doing the work.  I’m just there as a vessel.

Beside the falling in some man’s lap today I did another taxi promotion.  We got a total of 50 taxis to join the contest today! My friend, Garren, has an interesting story of what happened to him today.  It’s pretty neat, I hope you’d take some time to read it.  The Lord is at work here.  You can see it in the issues that are arising.  Satan is really trying to keep his foothold here in this city.  I urge you to pray that his power is bound here.


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