¡Loco por Panorámicos!

Zamacola Roof

Well, it’s Saturday and I’m sure all of you at home would love to smack me in the face for saying this, but I’m bored.  I’m sitting on Roy’s bed sipping on my Altomayo Instant Coffee.  This stuff is a lot better than the previous “cup of coffee” I displayed months ago (it deserves placement between quotation marks as I really wouldn’t ever don it as anything resembling coffee).  But, I wanted to put up this post with some panoramic photos that I took today.  The first one here is from the rooftop of the church building where I’m living.

Zamacola Classroom 
This is our classroom.  It is really rather large.  The floor is also just as slippery as it looks.  I have taken a spill or two here on this ice-rink.  We just finished our second class of the fourteen that we have to take.  The grading system in Peru is a little strange, as I’ve found out.  The grading scale is based on a scale from 1 to 20.  And that’s it.  Well, the final for our last class, Biblical Basis on Missions, was a shared test.  Each of us worked with our partners.  Joel and I scored an 18.  The highest score was Kayley(sp?) and her partner Ester with 19.  I’m super proud of Joel and myself for taking second place!

Zamacola Dining

This is our dining hall!  It’s really too small for all of us.  When there are no seats for all of us at the tables along the right that you see some spill over into the chairs and sofas to eat.  This is also where all of our internet surfing happens if we don’t want to be in our rooms.  Also, this happens to act as our entertainment room where we watch movies together.  So, I suppose this is more like our Dining/Study/Move Watching Hall.

Zamacola Guys Room

Here’s the guys room.  On the far right you’ll notice there are three levels to the beds.  Count carefully, it looks like there’s only two.  I sleep on the top third bunk on this very far right set of beds.  Roy and Jeremias got lucky and only share a double-decker.  Sadly, Roy’s bed gets invaded a lot by vagabond Peruvians and North Americans alike.  It’s very often you walk into the room and find someone who is not Roy sitting or laying on his bed.  I, of course, asked permission to be here, so I’m cool. 

You know, that’s all the panoramic pictures that I have for now.  I guess I can give you a bit of a glimpse into how this week went.  As I said we just finished our second class and that’s pretty much all this week consisted of.  We had two presentations for this class, one where we had to read a book about a missionary and the other on a biblical theme.  The presentations are done with our partners so Joel and I did a presentation on Richard Anderson, who did mission work in Guatemala in the early 1900’s, and then our theme presentation was Repentance.  All of our presentations went well, but I’m quickly realizing just how different I am from my partner.  It’s all a cultural thing.  I love him, I think he’s great, but there are things that they laugh at and I’m left thinking… seriously?  That’s funny?  I’m praying about this a lot.  I hope you would as well.  I want to be able to connect with my partner and for me connecting with people hugely depends on humor.  That sounds silly that I’m upset that I can’t kid around with my partner, I suppose, but it’s more than just joking around, rather I need to make a connection and relate to him.  I’m hoping that maybe doing Bible studies with him in the morning will help.  Please pray.

Other than that, everything is great.  Friendships are flourishing and I’m not out of control maintaining them.  God is teaching me so much.  I’m excited to see what this next week brings.  We are starting our next class Monday, Strategies for Biblical Studies.  Catch ya next week.


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