Things I Love and Don’t Love About Peru: Churros/Coffee

WhatILoveAndHateBoutPeru (2)
Hello Readers!  This is an idea that I had a while back after one of my journal entries.  My friend Garren had made a blog about things that he liked and didn’t like so much about Peru and it inspired me to make a list.  Along the side of each point I had drawn a little picture and thought I could make my creative perogative a form of entertainment for my blog readers.  After all I want you all to be a part of this journey and have as much of a glimpse into my life as you can.  So, I decided that every once in a while I will post a segment called “What I Love and Don’t Love About Peru.”  Along with an explanation of my loves and not loves, I’ve been tuning into my creativity and will post these cartoons I’ve been making with Aviary!  (Check it out!  It’s like a free Adobe Suite!)

Note: It is not my intention to make this a complaint segment.  I hope you don’t view “What I Love and Don’t Love About Peru” as “I Don’t Want to Be Here” or “I Hate Peru.”  Instead, I want you to get the best idea about Peru and what it’s like to live here!

So, that is my intro to this new segment.  I hope that you like it and that you ask questions if you have any!  I would LOVE to share this experience with you anyway I can… so put that on the list of things I love about Peru!  On with this segment!
InPeruChurro (2)
Love: Churros
Introducing, the churro.  This is also a dessert that will be included in another segment I am developing called “Pieces of Heaven In Peru.”  These little pieces of heaven are a snack that us poor missionaries are crazy about, not only for their deliciousness, but also for the cheap cheap cheap price!  Are you ready for this?  Sixty cents each!  But wait!  It gets better!  That’s before the exchange rate!  So, they are more like a little more than twenty cents!  You just can’t beat that… and they are a five minute walk down the road.  Right, well, let me tell you what this thing is.  It is an elephant ear rolled up and closed at the ends with… hot-lip-burning-caramel inside and then rolled in sugar.  Yea, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare, a kids loftiest dream.

Not Love: CoffeeInPeruCafe (2)    
So, you thought Sanka was bad?  Peru has the worst instant coffee in the world.  You know, that may not be true as I’ve only seen a small portion of the world, but of the world I’ve seen it’s the worst.  I mean, they have this coffee called Ecco here that’s not even real coffee… it’s coffee flavored barley.  Come on now.  On the other side, Peru does have their own REAL coffee, but it’s so sad… so so so sad.  However, all their great fruit juices make up for it!

While writing this post I got a phone call from Saul, I wrote a blog entry about him maybe a month ago.  Well, he had sent me an email that he would get in contact with me and at the time it seemed like he was saying, Leave me alone. So, I got a phone call from him as I was writing this up and he said he wanted to talk!  We are meeting this Friday at the Plaza de Armas at 4:00p.m. so, your prayers would be appreciated! 
Also, I just got out of a meeting with some 40/40’s that I’ve been working with closely to unite two cell groups that we’ve been working with that would get us to the first level of a church plant!  This is huge!  Well, there are some church leaders that are getting involved and starting to make things difficult for our goal.  A lot of the church leaders here in Peru think our work as 40/40s is to grow their church congregation… we are not on the same page when it comes to goals.  So, please pray for us as we meet with these leaders and try to explain to them our Final Goal… a church plant.  If you have any questions, please ask!

That is all for this post!  Here are some other new segments that are coming your way!

  • Pieces of Heaven in Peru
  • Epistles of Joel

Wow, I only have two?  I thought I had more when I started that list!  This is where you come in!  HELP ME!  Give me some ideas about what YOU want to know about my LIFE in PERU that I could do a regular segment about.  I will still be giving you heartfelt entries, so don’t worry I’m not leaving you out of the loop in any way!

Also, look along the right closer to the top of this page and you’ll see the archive for “Things I Love and Don’t Love About Peru” underneath Pages called… Things in Peru!

One more thing!  The story I posted in my last entry got published with Engage Magazine!  Here’s the link, if you read the last post you’ve already read this, but I think it’s still noteworthy.



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4 responses to “Things I Love and Don’t Love About Peru: Churros/Coffee

  1. love the new layout!! it’s so colorful and fun!
    & I want a churro soooo bad now! nothing is cheap in Grenada 😦

  2. I know I tell you everyday but your so talented with that program. Turned out great!

  3. Mariana

    But remember Tunki coffee (from Sandia) was awarded the best organic coffee of the world in 2010 😉

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