To Be Trilingual

Imaynallataq kachkani?  If you haven’t figured it out yet… I LOVE LANGUAGES!  Have you ever taken a personality test?  And, I don’t mean “Which Twilight Character Are You?” on facebook.  Have you ever taken the DISC personality test, or something similar, that actually tells you a little bit about yourself?  I took one recently, and I found out that I really am crazy!  Maybe not so, but if you’ve ever taken a personality test then you know how exilorating it is to read your results.  It’s eye-opening… you feel like your going to fall out of your seat because, well… how did they know that?!  And then you learn a ton of stuff about yourself that you thought about but could never put into words.

A couple of weeks ago I took a test from Clifton’s Strength Finders test and what I found out about myself makes complete sense as to why I love languages and how I can take them on more easily than others.  Ideation was my first strength.  I wasn’t surprised because one of my recent roommates brought it to my attention how much of an idealist I am after I told them about my dream house… it was rather outside the realm of realistic.  But, why I love languages was explained even more with Input, I like to collect information.  It was neat how the bunch of my five top strengths complemented each other.

Well, now I’m studying Quechua (the greeting above is “how are you” in Quechua).  It is an ancient language that was spoken by the Incas.  Isn’t that cool?  There are a ton of things that are influenced by the Quechua language, just as Spanish has given words to Quechua and even how English has contributed to Spanish!  Words like computadora and internet aren’t just coincidences.  Children daycares are called wawa wasi, which after reading up on Quechua grammar and vocabulary I found means “children’s house.”  And then, I found out that Lake Titicaca means titi – grey caca – rock.  Grey Rock!  Neat-o!

We met a woman this past week who we tried talking with and she knew very little Spanish, but spoke Quechua.  We had a hard time communicating with her and I really wanted to talk to her about God, but she couldn’t understand.  This isn’t the first woman who we have run into who doesn’t understand Castellano, as Latin America calls Spanish.  So, I figured I would try to learn the language.

At first I thought it was going to be an ugly language.  But, then after reading a bit of it and hearing how it sounds, I think it’s rather pretty.

She gets a bit shrill, but I still think it’s pretty neat!

Joel and I had another issue this past Sunday.  We had a problem of communication and we got separated in our district.  I was frustrated and he was just plain oblivious to what was going on.  I went and talked to Chad and Amanda and just told them how I was feeling.  They had a meeting with Joel to see what he was thinking and the frustrations I was sharing with them were the same that he was sharing.  It was pretty amazing to me that Satan was working to keep us from communicating and being upset with each other when there was really nothing to be upset about between ourselves if only we had talked to one another.

Something that I really want to work on with Joel is what we tell people.  James continues to be a huge teacher to me and in his letter he talks about how teachers will be judged at higher standards than others.  We are teachers/leaders and the words that leave our mouths really do carry more weight than others’.  Last week we were talking to a random lady and when she said she was Catholic Joel told her we were too!  Afterward, I asked him why he told her that, and he said… “Well, we are.”  I explained to him that we are being deceitful if we do stuff like that.  Pulling lines like that will ruin our reputation.  He said he didn’t think it was deceptive, because he was thinking about Paul’s reference to us being Catholic.  I told him that if he says one thing with the intentions of another understanding another that’s deception.  It’s just things like that.  It happened again today when he was talking to someone about English classes and when they started doubting he made a promise that involved me without talking to me… I told him afterward he probably shouldn’t have said that.

Anyway!  We met with this girl Lucy yesterday.  She is the daughter of the owner of a shop that we frequent.  The first time we went into that store we met with her and talked about Christ and she seemed rather interested.  This past week we agreed to meet with her to go over a Bible lesson and then an English lesson.  We got to her store yesterday and she didn’t seem to want to do either, but Joel asked if we could and she agreed.  So, we did our first lesson… “Learning About Sin.”  Through the lesson she was surprised at some of the things that are sins.  It was shocking at times.  I always thought that was a silly lesson, but apparently it is necessary.  She also had a lot of questions.  I was so excited about that.  I was happy that she wasn’t just taking this blindly, but rather analyzing and questioning the things we were saying.  That makes for strong convictions.  I told her at the end that I hate having this “sin” lesson as our first, because a lot of people don’t like being told what they cannot do.  But, I told her that I sincerely do have a very happy life because of my God and once we look beyond this what we can and cannot do we have this awesome relationship with Christ.  I think the Peruvians have the strength that they have no inhibitions with whom they share the Gospel, but us North Americans have seen what over-zealous Christians have done, not only to the church, but to those outside the church looking in and I just wanted Lucy to know the raw, honest truth and love that I know about God.  Please, pray for her.

Here are some things you can keep in your prayers:

  • that Domingo and Vilma will soon come to receive our invitation at the end of our lessons and accept Christ into their hearts
  • pray that Lucy (one of our youngest contacts) sorts through her many questions, and keeps asking them, and is receptive of our lessons
  • Royer, Leonor’s husband, has a change of heart and stops drinking and becomes interested in what Leonor is studying with us
  • that people actually come to our English lesson next week (no one showed up today and it was the first day… bummer)
  • traveling mercies as we are going to Lima next weekend to finish our residency process
  • Joel and my relationship (that’s a given)
  • that I continue to be slow to wrath


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