Good News/Bad News

I need to start taking pictures! That’s what I’m going to do today. Gee, Louie… I can’t believe that I’m not taking pictures! You guys have got to see what I’m doing and where I’m working. I’ve always felt a blog without any pictures is… lame!

There’s something I have to fill you in on.  Joel had to go home briefly, because his mother died.  His mother was of huge importance to him and to loose her was extremely difficult for him.  His father had left their family when he was young so his mother was essentially their mother and father.  To loose her was like loosing both at once.  It was intense.

So, about a week and a half ago he flew to Iquitos.  We don’t know if he is going to be able to come back, because he has two younger siblings that don’t have a way of making money and supporting themselves or supporting the debt that their mother left behind.

It was kind of eerie watching Joel pack up his stuff to go home.  I was thinking, I never thought this would be happening in our partnership.  But, now I’ve been working with Micah.  It’s actually been a necessary break for Joel and I.  We’ve been having constant partnership issues, and to go out and work with Micah as my temp-partner has been a huge learning experience for who I am in Joel and my relationship.

My prayer is that the Lord’s will be done… whether that be Joel comes back or he stays home to help his family.  I pray that with whatever happens I learn the lessons that God is placing before me to the fullest that He wants me to.  Romans 5:1-5 was what I read this morning and I flipped back a year ago in my journal and found where I had taken notes on this passage before.  It talks about how we rejoice in tribulations and how the lead to perseverance and perseverance to character and character to hope.  LOVE IT!  But, the interesting thing to me is how the necessity in our lives changes and how the significance of Biblical passages changes along with those needs throughout our lives.  The passage still means the same thing, but it means something different for me now.

I am glad for whatever God is doing in my life.  I am enjoying my work and discovering who I am in this partnership and what role I play.  I am a leader and I bring certain things to the table Joel cannot and instead of getting frustrated with him for not doing those things (which is what’s been happening) I need to step up and offer them myself.

Please pray for me throughout this situation.  I am growing tremendously right now and I know Satan is going to want to stunt this growth.  Pray that the Lord will speak to me through this time and will show me what He wants me to be.  Also, pray that I will have the courage to go out, just two gringos, and make more contacts by ourselves.  It’s kind of weird not having someone there to guide us on cultural grounds, but I’m learning that that is not necessarily essential.



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