Haven’t Got a Post Name…

Greetings you readers.  After a days work and partying at the church with a bonfire and a short worship service I am happy to be home with my pup on my lap ready to take this day apart and let it go as I close my eyes go to sleep.  It hasn’t been a long day, but it has been a long week.

Since working with Nelson and Sixto we have not been getting back to the house til 10 at night when we go to out places like Ilave and Juliaca.  So, that results and a tired me as I return home and a frustrated me when I realize… I’ve had no time to just sit down and rest.  But, that is the cost of this job.  I would not replace it.

Last week we ran into this guy, Franco.  He’s not the kind of guy you would think would smell good just looking at him.  He’s got rather strange nappy hair that you can’t quite figure out.  Is it dreaded?  or just dirty?  How long is it really?  And he’s rather lanky and awkward.  His occupation is almost as shocking as his appearance.  Though he may seem like a quite pot-smoker, he’s actually a public comedian.  In the States, if you saw a man in a park screaming for people to come ’round him you would probably do just the opposite of that, but in Peru it’s common and a main source of entertainment to gather around and listen to a amateur comedian make fun of… you.  Well, one day when Joel was still here we went down to Parque Pino and we saw a group of people standing round.  We went over, and who do you think stuck out like a sore thumb?  You’re right.  ME.  I got called into the center of the circle where I was interviewed and promptly danced with… while this man was dressed like a woman.  Then, I helped him beat his lady friend with a whip.  It’s part of the show… and I actually didn’t whip anyone.  Come to find out his name is Franco and we run into him again this past week while in Ilave.  He was just closing a show and we were just heading home.  I went over and surprised him and asked him if he remembered me.  OF COURSE, he said.  He asked me what I was doing here and I told him I was a missionary (not Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon, because those are always the first two things they ask).  Evangelical!  “Oh, I’m evangelical too,” he says.  WHOA.  So, we invited him to church and talked a little more about our work and what we’re doing.  It was cool to see how God took an extremely embarrassing moment for me and made it perfect to His will.  Whether we actually see this guy again or not, the fact still remains, God was making a connection there to get my attention.

Lately, America has been heavy on my heart.  My big dream is to go to France, and I believe God has called me there and that I will end up there sometime in the future.  However, while I’m home in the U.S.A. I think God is calling me to bring truth to the surface.  Every country has it’s problems… but I think America’s are malignant and we’re not going to realize it and reach for change until we are on our death bed breathing our last breath.

Other than that, I feel that my work here has finally picked up.  I feel as though I have finally started.  It feels filled with purpose.  The Lord is good.


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