From the Book Of the Teacher

What’s the Book Of the Teacher?  Ecclesiastes.  Found that on Wikipedia, so you know that’s right.

I’ve lately finished reading Proverbs, and I’m stunned.  I’m seriously shaken by the book and the amount of practical/poetic/relevant passages I read.  Wisdom is a timeless gift.  In Proverbs, I was struck most by how exactly opposite the U.S.A. is in character.  Solomon, the author of Proverbs, repeats time and time again illustrations of the wise vs. fools, and it seems that the U.S.A. has undertaken the role of the fool.  If you want read this, it’s a note that I wrote on Facebook about wisdom in America… or rather the lack of it.

Now that I’m done with Proverbs I’ve moved on to Ecclesiastes, the book with follows.  The very first chapter sent me into awe.  Here’s the main verse that I think the whole chapter revolves around.

I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and indeed, all is vanity and grasping for the wind. ” – Ecclesiastes 1:14

Solomon nailed it right on the head, but you might be thinking… this is depressing!  If you read the end of Ecclesiastes (the conclusion) you’ll find that Solomon is saying that our works are “grasping for the wind” when we set ourselves up for self-gratification in these works, rather than making for God.

Our names and our works are going to fade from earth, whether we make a impression on society or not.  Have you tried asking a 10 year old who Nat King Cole is?  I’m sure he/she would draw a blank.  Our works come and go like the passing wind… humbling isn’t it?

Instead of putting stock in our works and being prideful in the temporal things coming from our own hands, it’s time to place our priorities in God.  Literally, everything that we do ought to be for God’s sake.  There are times I listen to music and I have a renewed fire to start writing again and want to perform, but am I ready to do it for God, or will it end in vanity.  I do the same with drawing.  I’ve always wanted to take up dance when I was a kid and sometimes I think… it’s not too late!  But, would I do it to glorify God or me?  We can enjoy in our labor, but when it ultimately is giving back to God.  There are things we have to give up, even if we don’t want to, to keep our attitude right and our relationship intimate with God if we are possibly raising ourselves up higher than Him.

So, where are your priorities?  Are you grasping for the wind?  Or are you doing all for God’s sake, whether it be typing data in a computer all day or signing a peace treaty?


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