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My Friends by Song

So, here’s the deal.  The other night, I was on a bus coming back to Puno from Ilave and I had my iPod in.  Lately, I’ve been listening to Coffee Break French nearly every moment that I have an opportunity to listen to something.  Yeah, I’m moving on to my third language!  Je suis tres intelligent!  However, today I got on the bus and the last thing that I had listened to was Colbie Caillat.  I started listening to it and it amped my nostalgia to near overload!

I’m coming home in 3 DAYS!!!!!  I can’t believe how close it is now.  So, the song I was listening to made me think of a good friend I have at home and I wondered, what am I going to do when I see her in a few weeks?  Am I going to faint?

Then, I started looking for the nostalgia and I started listening to all the songs on my iPod that reminded me of friends back at home.  I was surprised to find a pretty significant amount of songs that I relate to people.  I thought, I need to make a blog of this.  So, here’s my Friends by Song List.

1.) Sarah Zajac (n. Allen)

Yea, do you remember Zoog Disney?  I can remember watching this video at the old house in between shows like “So Weird” or “Flash Forward.”  There’s another song that reminds me of Sarah hardcore, but I won’t put the video on here, you can look it up on youtube or something, “These Are Not My Pants.”  Pretty much anything ska reminds me of Sarah when we were younger!

2.) Sarah Mindek

There are many songs that remind me of Sarah.  One song that I will forever remember her for is the following:

What makes me remember this song so much was the fact Sarah told me she listened to this song when I broke up with her way back in 9th grade!  I guess she thought I was a man but I was just a little boy… true.  Ha!  There’s another song that reminds me of Sarah and that would be “Take Me Away”by Fefe Dobson.

3.) Claudia Claxon

Pretty much the whole first album of Colbie freminds me of Clau.  But, for some reason this is the song that really makes me think of her.  This is the music we used to drive around town to.  Colbie also reminds me a lot about Costa Rica, because that is the newest music that I had put on my mp3 player before leaving the country, and Clau was on that trip as well so she’s just stuck in the whole Colbie mix!

4.) Lindsay Knotts

I think Lindsay has one of the coolest tastes in music.  We really started hanging out my junior year of college.  I can remember going over and knocking on that door in… I can’t remember the name of the apartment complex on campus!  Haha, it was some tree name!  But, this song was her ringtone for a long time.

5.) Kayla Stevely

Oh, this reminds me of Kayla Stevely because I had learned this song on the guitar and then drove over to her apartment and played it for her and their apartment.  Then, we went online and looked up tickets to her show in Columbus… which was only $20 a TICKET!  I still regret not going…

6.) Maggie Smith (n. Tracy)

This is one of my favorite songs and the reason why it reminds me of Maggie is because I was supposed to sing it at her wedding.  I was excited because it was going to be my first friends wedding I was going to go to, and I was singing in it.  But then, Extreme rolled along and I had to tell Maggie I was going to be able to sing at her wedding.  I don’t think any girl wants to be told that… especially when she’s had a rough day and when she’s in the middle of a rush at Bob Evan’s… yea, I did that.  She cried and I felt like an idiot.

7.) Dad

I don’t know if my sister will remember this, but I can remember when this song was on the top playing charts on the radio.  My dad would be driving us and this song would come on and when she would sing “I wanna come over” by Dad would belt out, “NO!” along with the tune.  My sister and I used to get such a kick out of this and we would join along with him.

8.) Mom

Hahhaha!  My mom LOVED this song!  And it used to freak me out as a kid, but then she told us that the part when the spider talks was a guitar talking I thought it was awesome.  Listening to it again though, I don’t know if it was a guitar!  Hahahah




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