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Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

while I wander weak and weary” Who else is a fan of Edgar Allen Poe?  Growing up, I was convinced I was related to him… simply because he had my last name stuck somewhere in that mix.  I was really smart.  After all, in my first grade year book to answer the question, “What are you good at?” I responded, “speeling.”  This was an early sign to the future person I was to become.

But whether I belonged in a whole other class room altogether is not what I want to talk about in this post.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here, and I apologize every time for it, and I may even write about how I apologize about it every time as well… it’s possibly coming off as insincere, but I wish you to know, it is not.

Here’s the real issue of discussion for today.  Last Tuesday, we went to Ilave and had a pretty normal day, other than a tizzy between working mates, and later had a meeting.  We discussed how important it was that we start and end our services at rather specific times.  Something that we battle daily is the flexibility (though I’d rather say non-existence) of the hour.  We want to teach our contacts to come to church on time by starting service at a certain time and ending an hour later.  Otherwise, we are just encouraging a bad habit.  Again, this is not exactly what I want to talk about.

After our service we walked to Richard’s house.  His parent’s have recently come to know the Lord and we wanted to visit them and have a time to disciple and encourage them.  Richard’s father, Manuel, has cancer and all his life he was an atheist, but after being diagnosed with cancer he started to question things.  Then, his son, Richard, started attending our church in Ilave and he could see a change in him.  One night, Manuel was saying he just wanted it all to end, and Richard told him to not give up and to keep fighting and to give his life to Christ.  This was after we had already met with his family a couple times.  That night they all prayed and gave their lives to Christ.

We get to Richard’s house and Sixto calls his phone.  His mother picks up and tells him they are in another direction on the other side of town.  This was strange to us, considering we knew nothing about them owning another house in Ilave, though this is quite common.  It was 8:20 when we decided to go over to this other house.  I was a bit bothered because there is only transport out of Ilave to Puno til a certain time… that being 9.  I was pushing that we just went home and came back another time.  We pressed on regardless, and when we reach where we needed to start paying attention to house numbers a lady met us on the road and asked us if we were the “brothers.”  Yup!  That’s us!  She led us to a house and asked us to wait outside.  Nelson, laughing, asked Sixto who he had called.  It was in this moment that I understood something wasn’t right here.  What we came to find out was that Sixto actually called Janeth’s mother.  Oops!  Alright, we decided, we would treat it like we meant to come.

She lets us into her living room area to find Janeth’s dad and her uncle there as well.  They received us with much welcoming and said over and over how excited they were that we were there.  They had a genuine interest for us being there and asked many questions.  Listening to them talk about God and how excited they were that we were there I realized that this was a divine appointment.  Though it was a mistake, God has wanted us there.  It was awesome to see.  We did a short Bible study with them and made plans to meet with them again to continue this relationship and teaching them about God.

We did end up getting a car to Puno, but we had to pay more because it wasn’t full.  It didn’t matter though, I was thrilled about how God used us.  It wasn’t quite midnight, but it was a dreary moment for me thinking about how I just wanted to go back home.  It was certainly humbling and even terrifying to know that I could have pushed and complained to make us go home and we would have missed a beautiful opportunity to share God’s word and witness His amazing power and plan.


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