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Spiritual Caffeine

I am a coffee fiend, and being such there is no real chance I can make it out of the house in an appropriate mental state without my morning sludge.  Another reason I make coffee a part of my morning routine is because it keeps me regular.  But, lately, my normal coffee intake has not been sufficing my bodily needs.  My flesh is becoming immune and requiring that I up my dosage!  Monday I drank three thermoses of coffee.  And it was so good.

I may be exaggerating my coffee addiction.  I wouldn’t let myself get past drinking more than what I am now.  After all, I have to ration my Maxwell House.

This will be a shorter entry, because I’m about to leave the house, and I have yet to brush my teeth or put socks on my chilly piggies.  It is always cold in Puno, as we are coming to find out.  I thought for sure there was going to be a part of the year I could at least walk out of the house embarking on work without having to carry a lighter coat and a heavier coat, but my expectations were put to shame.  Puno is always spring weather.  If it were always fall weather I would blissfully ignore my numb finger tips and chapping lips, but it’s more like spring, bleh.

Enough with negativity!  I’m doing the Lord’s work and His work and blessings far outweigh the discomfort of poopy weather.  Besides having coffee every morning, what the Lord has been showing me in our contacts lives is what keeps me going.

Tuesday, I decided to take a day of fasting.  I had to work that day, but there was also a time that I was able to sit down by myself and pray and study.  It was a powerful time.  I’ve honestly never fasted privately and my experience was… I need to do it again.  Fasting to me had always seemed like an unnecessary “work.”   But, I’ve come to realize that it’s more than that.  I’ll leave it at that because I’m about to leave the house!  During my prayer time I prayed for each of our contacts by name and I was encouraged in the end seeing the amount of people that we have in each place of work and how far our contacts have come.  When I sat down to pray I felt desperate and ineffective in our work, but at the end when I looked over the list of contacts I had prayed for, I was enlightened to see God’s mighty hand at work.

Over the last couple of days, God has been showing me how he is using me.  I felt really useless, seriously.  I was asking… why am I here?  But, God has been showing me what I bring to the table… and not through a lofty mentality either, but rather… maybe it would be better said that God is showing me how He can use me.  Honestly, I’m just so unqualified for this job.

Well, that gives you a quick update as to what’s what here in Puno, Peru!

Pray for:

  • a man named Jaime
  • a leadership course we have coming up
  • all of our contacts that they continue to grow in Christ

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