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I’m not exactly hard pressed to do anything, except for maybe fashioning two pairs of cardboard angel wings, but I’m certainly not going to try wielding a sharp blade first thing in the morning before I actually finish my first cup of coffee… yes, the first, and there are ones to follow.  I figured, since I’m not too busy and Amanda and Chad aren’t back with my baking ingredients I have time to give everyone a update on what’s going on in my life and in our ministry while I melt listening to Christmas music.

What’s the newest and craziest news?  Sixto left.  New and crazy.  This happened about a month ago, now.  I suppose I won’t go into details other than to say that he was being disobedient and was dismissed.  So, I’m now on my fourth partner, Sammy.

It was pretty neat how God worked this all out.  The very moment we said good-bye to Sixto, Pastor Herman said his wife was visiting Arequipa and was coming back to Puno with a visitor… Sammy.  He had worked in Arequipa, then when his partner left, moved to Pulcalpa, and he was coming to just visit Puno, because he’d never been here.  He told me after all the stuff that he didn’t want to come work here, but God changed his heart after the offer was given to him.

I’m very happy about the change.  Sammy has a good head on his shoulders.  He is sure of what he wants from our plant areas, and has a good idea of how to get there.  This is exactly what I had been searching for and pushing to get from my past partners, ORGANIZATION.

Do I feel like we are starting over?  Yes, in some ways.  But, I have hope and faith in God that when all is said in done, I will have been obedient and things will be what they wanted them to be.  It certainly was not my plan to have had four different partners and have to change the game plan several different times.  I don’t know exactly what God’s doing in some situations, but in others I see His hand clearing moving and molding.

The upside to have had four different partners is that I’m a PRO at working with other people.  Okay, maybe not a pro because last week I did find myself almost eating my fingers when we couldn’t communicate very well.  The difference is how God has given me so much patience.

So, tomorrow, we are putting on a Christmas production in the Plaza de Armas in Ilave.  The kids in our Sunday School there are going to act out the birth of Jesus.  We have all the costumes, thank goodness to a shipment of five boxes (each weighing 425 lbs, no joke) of cloths that also included bed sheets (which are our temporary wardrobe).  Please be praying that God will use this as an opportunity to bring people into recognition of their need for Him.  These past three days have been serious partying.  I’m praying that God will allow these people who hit rock-bottom to come see this play and be reminded of the hope we find in Christ.  Please join me in prayer.

Also, be praying for Sammy and me in general.  Sammy has been feeling discouraged because this mission field is so different than anything he’s used to, in that the people are colder and more closed off.  He took it pretty hard when two people we approached on the road said they didn’t want to hear about God.  Pray that God continues to confirm his calling.  Pray that we can continue to work well in a team.  It’s been a blessing up to this point.  Pray that it continues to be a smooth ride.



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