Blow The Whistle

…and we’re off!

I’m elated about our work.  In the year that I’ve been here in Puno, I feel for the first time satisfied in our work.  It has been a constant struggle to become constantly motivated to go out and disciple and especially make new contacts.  There are several reasons why it was such a stumbling block, one being that each of my partners in the past were not self-motivated or goal-oriented folk, another being that our training left us with a drastic learning curve as we entered the field, but that is something that is being fixed for future missionaries.

On our way back from Cusco I had talked to Sammy about the possibility of leaving Juliaca if at a certain point we were not growing the way we wanted to be growing.  It pained me to talk like that about a place where we have two strong contacts.  I thought how unfair it would be to them if we left, but at the same time I was thinking about the necessity to plant churches.  That is our mission after all!  The very next day after getting back from Cusco, we started a new evangelism effort to where as a whole team we go out and make a bunch of contacts in one place for each partner once a month.  We had talked about putting on a huge event, but I felt God was telling me we needed to knock on doors.  WHAT?!  I was thinking, we can’t do that!  That’s what the Jehova’s Witness do!  People are going to think we are JW!  We did it anyway.  Usually, when we do an event we will make 20 contacts, and then it’s a challenge to find their homes, and they may not be genuinely interested.  That day we got 17 new contacts!  We haven’t met with all of them yet, but with the 6 that we have met with they are all genuinely interested and we are continuing their lessons with them.

I am so humbled to see how God is working in Juliaca.  When I was doubting Him, he was there alongside us making a miracle.  And on top of that, there is a girl that has moved from Puerto Moldinado who is already a member of the Naz Church and she wants to host a cell-group in her home.  I am rebosando with joy!!!  I am overflowing with joy!!!  God has a miraculous plan for Juliaca.  My prayer, and I ask that it be yours also, is that God does a miracle in these places.  We only have less than 7 months left, and I know God can move His powerful hand in these places to place His church.

Also, there is some exciting news that I want to share with you all, but I can’t just yet.  Just know, it has to do with my future.  At the end of February I’ll be able to share.  It’s amazing to see God’s work right now.



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