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Relearning Old Lessons

This happens sometimes.  Sometimes we need to be told twice.  Sick… I hear my mother’s voice when I hear “be told twice.”   I was that kid.  I needed to be told several times to get something right.  Unfortunately, it’s not something that I have much grown out of.  The other day we played Memory with Thomas and Ella, and I ROCKED.  However, in real life, I do not have the blessing of a good memory.

This is what I read this morning:

“… For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things…”
-Matthew 6:32

Matthew 6:25-end is my favorite Bible passage.  I discovered it about three years ago, and it still serves as food to my soul.  I need to be reminded daily not to worry.  God knows what I need.  Sometimes I think that we believe we need something when in reality it’s just a “want.”  Those things can just become a stumbling stone in our walk.  Sometimes I think I need something and I don’t give it 100% over to God because I’m scared He won’t come through.  I think, “I can do it myself.”  What pride!  I place myself higher than God!?

“Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”
-Matthew 6:27

 The answer is nobody.  It is sinful to worry for two reasons:

  1. you don’t have faith in God (Romans 14:23)
  2. trying to control a situation is trying to take the place of God

It’s a pretty serious err to try and take the place of God.  Heavens, look at Satan.  It’s awful to think that sometimes we are equal to that putrid thing.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook then you probably saw this picture I posted.  This is Ella with a current resident at Jr. Deustua 1078.   Her name is Jesse (Ella and Thomas named her that as soon as I walked in the door with her in my book bag).  Here’s the story how we got her:

About two weeks ago, Sammy got a phone call from Magda, one of Diana’s sisters in Ilave.  She told us that the adobe wall behind Diana’s house had fallen on top of her and she was in the hospital.  We went to visit her several times.  She is now out of the hospital but is at home bed-ridden with a fractured hip.  She is just achy a lot of the time.  She doesn’t really have any medication.

As a result of this pain her mother went out and bought a black puppy!  It’s not as nice as you think.  We went to visit her on Sunday and I saw her puppy and was enamored.  She told us her mom and grandmother wanted to sacrifice her.  Apparently, the belief is, that if you put a black puppy or bunny next to someone in pain, the animal will absorb the pain and after a day you have to kill it.  So, here I am… I see puppies on the road all the time and I have to ignore the pena (remorse… saddness) that I feel and keep going, but this little puppy was going to be killed for something so… satanic??

So, I called Amanda to ask if we could bring her home until they find another home for her… to save her from Diana’s grandmother and mom.  So, here she is.

But, the reason I’m talking about this is because I’ve just been experiencing a bunch of pent-up worry for this little puppy.  She is malnourished, has diarrhea and doesn’t have the greatest appetite.  I found that I was becoming a little obsessive.  This morning after reading through Matthew 6 again, I realized… there are a lot of things that I’m worrying about and not giving over to God.  I’m so thankful that God used this puppy to show me indirectly the things that I’m not doing right with God on other fields of my spiritual life.

How about you?  Are you a worrier?  If so, have you found the comfort we have in Christ to give it all to Him?  Do you find it hard to give it over to Him?



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Hey There Candy!

It’s the start of Las Festividades de la Virgen de la Candelaria.  I would even venture to say that this is my least favorite time of the year in Puno.  It’s loud.  It’s full of drunks.  And it’s just plain hypocrisy.

In February, Puno celebrates the Virgen de la Candelaria.  It’s a stupid statue that they carry around and it has this bogus history… somehow this virgen saved Puno.  It’s really just a load and people say they are honoring her and God, but they are just honoring their bodies by fulfilling their carnal pleasures.  It’s mind-numbingly stupid (that’s a line of Phoebe’s on Friends… I love it!).  Last night… or rather at 4:30 this morning, the bands started playing and strutting their stuff up and down the streets while sending off their fireworks.  Thank you city of Puno for the early wake-up call.

I really wish I had a camera.  I’d like to post a picture every now and then…  I feel like my blog has gotten so boring.  :/

Well, Sammy and I decided that we are going to move the church in Ilave.  We don’t know where to yet, but we are searching for another place to rent.  The current place we’re in was not wisely chosen.  It’s set deep in an alley way, and it’s extremely hard to locate.  This should have been done a long time ago, but as you all know, there was much more drama to attend to.  I hate that I ended that sentence with a preposition but, I had to.

Be praying as we go out to find a new place.  It’s definitely a step of faith… the people we have coming to the church may very well be lost, but that’s okay, because if they are coming for God, then they will come no matter where the church temple is.

Also, be praying as we pass through February.  There are drunks everywhere and I’m pretty sure the amount of accidents on the roads go up.  Pray for protection and patience as we deal with the ignorance that is La Virgen de la Candelaria.

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