Almost Bedtime

I’ve got my chilly piggies tucked into my blue and green wool socks from Gap, my polyester blue and green plaid pj pants and tie dye shirt accompanied with my purple flannel on… I’m about ready for bed.  I can’t believe how good my feet feel just to be out of my shoes and in some incredibly cozy socks.  They feel like they are melting.

I rather feel like melting.  A lot of memories have been popping up recently.  We’ve passed out “Go” here in Puno, that being our one year anniversary.  I didn’t have any strong memories that tied me to January of last year in Puno, but going through the Candelaria and now Carnavales… I remember a lot from last year during these celebrations.  And that’s triggered thoughts about how long I’ve come and awe at the person that I am now.  There are so many changes that have happened in me in this short/long year (yes! it’s possible to feel both ways) and the majority of them are a mystery how they happened.  It’s only explanation is… Dios (God)!

But, looking back a year ago has also been sending me through some discouragement.  A year ago, I was working in Santa Rosa, Ricardo Palma and Juli… none of those three remain as my districts.  If I were a different person than I am now, I would sit down and blame God and tell Him that all the problems that we are having in Ilave and in Juli are because He didn’t put me in the right place at the right time.  I mean, I’ve practically had to start over 3 different times and it’s just terribly unfair.  Who could plant a church… or I’m sorry, two churches in 6 months?  Oh, but I realize this isn’t about me.  And this isn’t about what’s fair. And this isn’t about a time-frame.

This passage has been a blessing to me:

“Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

-Matthew 11:28-30

Christ’s promise is incredible… we can come to Him as not to carry our burdens alone.  This work is not any sort of work for mere humans.  I’m reminded that my Lord calls me to Him on crappy days like we had today.  Absolutely nobody was able to do their lessons… and I was thinking… how are we going to get a church here in Ilave if our time keeps getting wasted?!  But you know… I’m learning it’s not even any of my business.  It has nothing to do with me whether we plant a church in Ilave or in Juliaca or not.  My only concern is being obedient.  And right now to be obedient I need to come to Christ with my heavy heart.

It’s almost bedtime… only 5 more months left and life will get a little easier, and then interesting again.  I still can’t explain just yet, but I promise, if you are patient you will know soon enough.


Diana is doing better health-wise.  She cannot lift her left arm up because she hasn’t been using it and that is scaring her.  Her husband is also being a lazy bum and won’t cook for the kids, but he’ll go out to play soccer.  We’re going to talk to him about that.  Continue to pray for her and her family as it’s not only a battle for health, it’s also a spiritual battle within her home.

Jesi, the pup, is doing almost 100% better.  I took her down to the vet on Monday and got her her first shot of the series and her worming medicine.  She has filled out nicely and has a lot more energy.  She’s doing very well with her house training and she’s rather chill.

Can’t think of anything else.  Questions?

Good Night



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3 responses to “Almost Bedtime

  1. kaylazab

    How may I pray for your heart?

  2. catherine

    As I started reading this, the first thing I thought was, my goodness, Trevor is so confused, it’s not March of 2012…Time is just going by sooo fast!
    I enjoyed reading this~ I hope everything gets a little bit easier tomorrow! 🙂

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