A Call For Prayer

Well well well… Peru is doing it’s best to ground our hard work.  Really, when I say Peru it should be said Satan.  Satan is really doing his best to try to kill our short term group that is coming down in two weeks. This is an awful repeat of last year… and just thinking about it is making my blood boil.  Can we not catch a break?

So, last year in June we were going to have a short term trip come here to do a medical clinic.  We worked hard to get things planned for them to be here, when the Aymara decided to march into the city and protest and strike against a mining effort in their sacred mountain by bashing in bank windows, looting stores and burning cars… even police cruisers.  Thanks to them our short term trip was canceled.  

Nearly a year later we are expecting a short term group to come in two weeks… lo’ and behold!  Another strike!  This time miners from the north of Peru are apparently striking either against illegal mining ooooor they are striking to be able to mine illegally… we’ve heard two versions.  Either way, I’m… WE’RE extremely frustrated that our short term group is being threatened of being canceled.  

So, the call for prayer is that this strike will go away!  Pray that the government moves their tooshie to make amends with these very angry people (they have been slashing traveling vehicles tires and 4 or 5 people have died in Puerto Maldonado… I think that’s the number).  Pray that the Lord will do His mighty work so we can have our construction group come to build the Puno church’s temple and our short term missions group.  Pray pray pray pray pray!


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