A Long-Awaited “Glory Be to God”

(A special thanks to Amanda Duerre for being my official photographer for this special occasion)

The glory does all go to God!  I’m so happy to say that we finally found a locale in Juliaca.  Sammy and I have been looking for a place to meet for over five months now, and finally one just happened to land in our laps.  We went to talk to Diana one day and Sammy happened to ask her mother, Thomasa, if she knew of any places that were renting.  Lo’ and behold, she had a store/room in the front of her house that she was willing to let us use.  So, we went over a different day to look at the place and we asked her and her husband how much they’d want for the place… and they said gratis.  That means free in Spanish.  We were elated… obviously, and made an agreement that we would pay for the power bill each month instead of any rent.

So, we had our inauguration yesterday evening!  We haven’t painted the place yet, but we are going to this coming Saturday.  We had a good turn-out, six people!  Diana got baptized in the church because she couldn’t go with us on the 7th of April to Juli to be baptized in the lake.  Her legs are really weak from having been in bed for almost two months, and this was the first time she had been out of the house in two months when she came to the church.  Her husband, Efrain, was worried she was going to hurt herself, but she did great!  I hope and pray that her example for him will show him the dedication she has for the Lord.  Thomasa and Rosi (one of our contact’s daughters) gave their lives to the Lord as well.  I was so blessed to see the fruit of our labors.  Praise the Lord!

Here’s Sammy and me in front of the locale!  It’s small, but it doesn’t matter.  After the service I heard Diana say to her daughter Yessica, “Don’t do that!  This is the House of God!” I was tickled by the reverence she had for our little locale.

Speaking of Yessica (pronounced Jessica), this is her!  She is just the craziest little girl you would ever meet.  She is all mouth, just doesn’t stop talking.  I love her so much, even though she calls me Bebon or Tlebol.  She touches my heart.  She practiced some of the praise songs with Pastora before church service and she sang along with me during worship time.

This is Chad with Daniela, Diana’s other little girl.  She’s eight years old and is a sensitive little girl.  After church we played “musical balloon”something like hot potato, I suppose, and she got caught with the balloon in her hands when the music stopped.  She then had participate in a punishment… hard to explain, but she was too embarrassed to actually do it.  But, once you get to know her she is lively!

This is a good representation of what our locale looks like.  It’s so little!  But, it’s ours and I love it.  Thomasa was such a giving hostess, she let us use some of her chairs, a bench, and a table.  Her heart is so good.  I’m extremely excited to see how God is going to use her!

I can go home feeling so happy about our work after witnessing this.  Diana is one of our oldest contacts we’ve made here in Juliaca.  She has been so faithful and I can see the change God is instilling in her life.  I was so overwhelmed with happiness I would have audibly been sobbing if it weren’t for the other people in the room.  Her face was so peaceful and I could see what I can only explain as bliss written across her face.  I am so blessed to be part of the privilege that it is to work in Juliaca and witness the hand of God moving and gathering his people to him.  Glory Be To God!


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