Battlefield and New News

Two of our Peruvians are in the kitchen listening and clapping their hands to “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” the Spanish version, the other Americans have retired to their beds, Sammy is listening to the new Tercer Cielo album and I have climbed into my bed after having showered and then prepared for myself a bowl of fried rice/chaufa… I just took a bite and it’s alright.  Welcome to our house at 11:11 p.m… I suppose I should make a wish because of the hour?

I am tired… you know there are several levels of tired.  There’s that level of tired when you find words like tissue or blanket the funniest things under the sun, and then there’s the other extreme when someone telling you that dinner is ready elicits unfriendly remarks hissed between clenched teeth.  I’m my-eyes-are-rolling-into-the-back-of-my-head tired.  But, to keep myself awake while making this entry I’m listening to this:

It’s Portuguese… you can give it a listen if you want.

Tonight we visited for the second time a family that we came in contact through the short term missions group that came and the event that we had in Ilave.  Tonight I realized that the very fact that we are in their home talking to them about God is one of His works.  Tonight when we were praying for them I realized the battlefield that we are on while building this relationship with them.

The first time that we went into this family’s home we touched a very sensitive topic among the “devout” Peruvian Catholics… that is that the Virgin Mary is synonymous with idolatry.  We spoke truth to them through the Bible and something happened to me that has never ever happened to me before.  The Lord spoke through me in an amazing way.  I opened my mouth that night and things came out of it that I had never said before in any visit.  I felt a fire behind my eyes… and something coming out of them.  At one point in time I heard a voice in my head say… “The Holy Spirit is speaking.”  That’s exactly what was happening, Trevor had taken a step back and the Holy Spirit was speaking… I was not in control of me.  It was a pretty amazing experience… and when I/the Holy Spirit stopped speaking I was trembling (that’s when I know the Holy Spirit is moving in me).  It was a pretty intense experience, and afterward I said something about it to Sammy and he said he could tell the Holy Spirit was using me.  Amazing… that my God… my Creator was actually there in that moment moving my tongue and feeding me words.  Absolutely humbling.  The experience spoke to me that God wants to do something in this family.

Tonight we went to this family’s home to start doing a Bible study, but again we ended up sitting around the table drinking hot chocolate and snacking on bread and butter while building a relationship and sharing laughter.  The conversation took a serious direction while we spoke about ghosts and elves and how they don’t really exist as spirits wandering the earth, rather that they are demons.  Sammy told us some pretty spooky stories about stuff that had happened to him, and then the son of the family, Josie, told us about how his grandmother comes to him at night sometimes and bothers him.  He told us that she has grabbed his legs in his sleep and has held him down not letting him up, that she will lay down in the bed with him and that she has sat on top of him while sleeping.  He said that he had gotten used to it.  I was a little perturbed because… that’s not normal!  At the end of our conversation we prayed for the family and for the house and then left to come back home.  When we were praying was when I realized that we weren’t just praying we were battling!  I want to encourage you folks to be praying for this family that God will protect them from the enemy as we continue to visit them and bring them the truth.  Pray that God will protect Josie especially since he is the one that has direct contact with this demon.  Please, enter this battle with us.

Well, here’s my news… even though I can’t get into too much detail about it still… which you all are probably going to want to kick me for.  I’m going to continue working with Extreme for another two years in South America.  I’m going to be home from July 28th to September 15th so, if there are any of you who would like to meet with me personally to talk about this new opportunity then we should make an appointment… for those of you who do not live in Ohio, then we can do something with Skype!  If you would me to come to your church and talk about what God is doing through Extreme, I would also love to do that!  So… communicate with me, okay!?  So, tell me what you want, what you really really want!  – okay so, it’s been so long since we’ve heard anything Spice Girls!

Goodnight and God bless!


P.S. I’m so proud of myself being so tired and then hitting the spell check to find zero errors.  That deserves something!  I think I’ll eat a piece of chocolate even though I just brushed my teeth.


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