They Have Decided To Follow Jesus

So quickly I’m turning out another post, I know, but from here on out I wish to make every Tuesday my publishing day… because I actually have the time on Tuesdays.  What?!  So, instead of waiting until next Tuesday, because that will throw me off, I’ve decided to write today.

Soon I will be switching my blog over to a new URL (web address) because I’m not going to be in Peru forever.  When I came up with “Trevor in Peru,” I thought I was so clever… but then I saw that other missionary folk have used the same idea exp., Laura in Mexico, John in Bangladesh, Harvey in Timbuktu.  It was crushing that I was not as unique as I thought.  But, I’ve got it on everybody with my new blog name.  I’m not sure I want to share it with you just yet.  I will keep you in suspense.  You know, to keep you coming back here every once in a while, because I’m sure that my new blog name is going to keep you up until 2 a.m. thinking, What could it be?!

As we are coming to a close in our work Sammy and I are having to really buckle down on what our goals are.  I’m excited that even with the end in sight along the horizon I still feel compelled to give this work my all.  That is certainly a God given gift because that’s not typically how I work.  But, one of the things that we are trying to instill in our contacts is the fact that they are not following us, rather Christ.

When Sixto left the field we experienced a rather large drop in attendance in Ilave.  Because of leaving our team and Sammy’s arrival we experienced a rough patch with some contacts.  After a short trial we come through to the other end and realized… these people aren’t going to see us as their leadership because their eyes and their hearts were placed on Sixto.  They were following a man rather than our God.  Because of all that, and among other things, we decided to close the locale we were occupying.

We’ve been telling people that we are going to leave, that it’s inevitable.  And we’ve been stressing to all our contacts that they are making a decision to follow Christ, not us.  I want to involve you in our ministry by praying faithfully with us that God will touch our contacts hearts and show them that He is the one that brought change into our lives.  Pray that their faith and their commitment in Christ grows ever stronger.

I am amazed at the work that God is doing in Juliaca.  We have been praying for a miracle to happen there and what we are witnessing is just that.  For a long time I thought we were going to have to leave Juliaca and focus more on Ilave.  God has slapped me in the face with His grace being poured out on Juliaca.  Since we’ve opened the locale in Santa Andreana, Juliaca we have seen a steady church attendance of 10-13 people.  Our need to become an official cell group is to have 12 members!  We are well on the way to reaching this goal when only three months ago we felt it was dead ground.  Praise be to Him!  The work is not finished yet, continue to pray that the Lord keeps working this miracle.  I have 100% faith that we can have a church strongly planted in Juliaca.  Amen!

I am not able to publish my new job opportunity online because it’s stuff is not all finalized, however I would like to chat with you about it and in turn talk to your church congregations.  That means, if you want the inside scoop, email me: (  If you have Skype we can Skype-it-up, or whatever!  I’m just as excited to talk to you about this as you are to talk to me.


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