Grace gRaCe GRace grACe GRACE!

Something that I am eternally grateful for is the fact that we as Christians are always learning about life, about God, about ourselves.  I will never tire of always being able to learn.  I love it, really!  I really really really love it!

I don’t normally like to do my devotions on my computer, because I feel like it’s a cold process… I can’t touch my computer the same way I can touch my physical Bible; however, an iPad would be really different in this aspect (I’m praying that God provides one for me because I’ll be traveling a lot these next two years and it can be like 100-things-in-1 and would save me a lot of grief/luggage).  However, I’ve forced myself to use my computer as a bible study resource, and I must say it’s proved to me a great one.

Before, I read the Bible with a bit of impatience and didn’t take the time to really study what I read.  Now, I’m pushing to pull out as much truth as I can from what I’m reading.  Something that I’m astounded by as I study Romans is grace.  I’ve been frustrated with myself lately for personal faults like, lack of self-control and impatience.  I’ve been struggling hard against these “little” sins (really there exsists no such thing).  Through my stumblings my eyes have been opened to how ugly I am.

One of my biggest life-fears is going bald.  Unfortunately, I have noticed, and rather obsessed over the fact that I am developing a receding hairline.  I know this is a test to bring God out of my vanity, which honestly is something of which I had a lot.  That doesn’t mean that I’m 100% happy about loosing my hair, but the thought entered my head one day as I was looking in the mirror and thinking great pain upon my ancestors for passing along their good-for-nothing balding genes that instead of worrying so much about my physical appearance, why am I not more worried about how I appear before God?!  I am 100% happy that God is using this to bring me to His feet.

It’s been said before, but I never truly heard it with my heart until recently, that one cannot fully enjoy the grace of God until they understand and see how completely ugly they are in their heart.  After seeing how ugly I am I can appreciate the grace that God gives us.  It’s rather incredible!

So, those are my current steps in my walk with God.  Now for an update on work.  I have some amazing praises!  Firstly, Diana, the woman that had the wall fall on her, is up and walking almost 100% normally!  And, she had no sort of physical therapy at all.  I look at her and I just see the miracle that she is.  God has definitely worked in her life on many different levels.  You can praise the Lord for her recovery!

Secondly, this past Sunday was mother’s day (Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s btw) and we had a special Mother’s Day service in Juliaca.  We had told the women in the church to invite the mother’s that they knew to come for Mother’s Day.  We had in church 16 adults and 20 people including children not counting ourselves!  There was no more sitting room.  The Pastor’s wife came out to speak to the women and as she was leaving she told me how she loved to see churches packed full like that, and I told her how grateful I am for God’s work in Juliaca.  This is an answer to our and your prayers!  I mean, I’m talking about you the readers/supporter/prayer warriors!  God is working a miracle in Juliaca.  Give praise to the Lord, for He is good and He is showing His merciful merciful hand in Juliaca!

I’m still rather sworn to secrecy concerning my new position with Extreme.  If I have not gotten in contact with you yet about my future plans, but would like to talk to me about my next step and you simply and contain yourself any longer then you can email me at or you can call my Skype number 330-947-1730.

Again, I just want to thank all you who support this mission.  You are not supporting me, I am not the person with the need!  Thank you so much for all your partnership and helping pray with us for these places.  With only two months to go it’s amazing to look back and see what the Lord has done.  Thank you all for being His instruments and being obedient.  Thank you!

Alright, see you next week!


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