I’m Feelin’ Good

So really, I am feeling really good!  If you saw me right now you may think not as I’m spread-eagle on the living room floor attempting to write this post, but really, I assure you… I’m feeling REALLY good!  This is due to several reasons; 1.) we are almost done in Puno, 2.) I will be embarking on a new journey very soon, 3.) I’ve been exercising daily, 4.) I’ve been watching what I’m eating and trying to eat more balanced, and 5.) the Lord is continuing His work in me and forming me into an obedient follower of Christ.

There is a bit of sad news that I have to share with you.  We have decided to leave Ilave.  This has been a long-time-coming especially in my heart.  We called the Pastor after having made the decision that we wanted to cut out time down in Ilave to one day a week and we wanted to hear what he had to say about that and to our surprise he told us to get out of Ilave.  The fact is, people in Ilave are not showing any kind of interest or dedication.  I told Sammy last week that every time I look at the list of people’s names that we visit in Ilave I feel an emptiness toward them.  I don’t feel sadness, nor do I feel anger, nor do I feel depression, I just feel nothing.  This is something I’ve taken to the Lord over and over, and this is where He has led us.

Sammy feels distraught that we are leaving without having planted a church.  Before we decided to leave and we were just talking about cutting down the days Sammy was very bewildered by our discussion.  I just straight-up told him, I think this is you feeling that you failed when this is something beyond you.  He told me that wasn’t so, but I feel that sometimes the Peruvians don’t understand where to separate the work of God and the work of their human hands.

I am at peace with leaving Ilave.  After working there for a year and still not ever having a single person give their lives over 100% to the Lord, I feel freed from this burden.  I told Sammy that this Saturday after we say goodbye to our contacts in Ilave I want to literally shake the dust from my feet before getting on the combi.

Things are coming to an end, as is this post.  I have to end this abruptly because I have to leave the house.  Ciao!


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