Final Goodbyes

I know I said that the last post would be my last, but that’s only because I thought I wouldn’t have another opportunity to sit down and write out another post.  So, here I am again.  Now, if things had gone according to plan, I would be in Lima right now trying to nod-off to wake up and fly out at noon the next day to go to Colombia, but that’s pretty much not what is happened.  I’ll get to that.

Today, I woke up at 6:10 a.m. because I just couldn’t force myself to act asleep any longer.  The shower in our bathroom is what we call a “widow-maker” because it has the capability to do just that.  Water comes into the shower head where a metal coil is charged with electricity, thus warming the water and pouring out onto the user.  Somehow the electricity is grounded so that nobody gets shocked unless a stray hand comes too close to the shower head and then you do get a bit of a buzz.  Well, this past month the water has been cool, which when you live in the mountains where ice can be found on the ground all day long, cool is cold.  So, since it was my last shower I took apart the shower head and plugged up some of the holes with toilet paper and enjoyed my last, but hot, Puno shower.

While I was showering I was freaking out about the day.  My strings were drawn pretty tight inside of me.  So, I took some time to pray about what was happening in my heart.  I was thinking a lot about control and how I really have none of it.  The only person I have control of is me, and I have the control to give up the desire to control things.  I know this is a topic I revisit once and a while, but I think that every time I have mentioned it I have new perspective.  But, after I felt that I gave it over to God completely I started mentioning things that I could control.  I could control how I react to disturbing news, what I say to others, etc.  And then I started going through in my head what I would do that day.  And then it dawned on me that I had to say goodbye to Thomas and Ella.  They are Amanda and Chad’s two kids.

I haven’t been emotional until today.  When I thought about leaving Thomas and Ella and having to say a final goodbye to them, I lost it.  I had broken the seal and the rest of the day was a hard emotional roller-coaster.  Even as I got in the car with Brian to head off to Juliaca to say goodbye to my contacts I couldn’t stop.

I had been praying all week that God would let me cry for my contacts, to show them that I care for them and that this departure really matters to me.  That it does hurt.  But, when I was saying goodbye to my contacts in Juliaca, it didn’t come.  But, I realized that maybe that’s not what they needed.  They needed someone to be stronger than they.  Someone that could encourage them onward.  So, instead of hugging them and sobbing my eyes out like I did for the rest of my Puno family, I stood by them, accepted their hugs and their tears and told them to keep following Christ.  I told them that I love them very much, but that God loves them more.  I may have been there as an instrument to be used by God, but it was ultimately and only Him that has changed their lives and placed a call on them to come to His feet.  I was only a messenger.  I’m going to miss them.  And maybe I will mourn more later.

After we said goodbye we hopped back in the truck and Brian was going to take me to the airport.  So, we were cruising along toward the airport when to our surprise a bunch of strikers had grouped together in front of the airport gates and had put rocks in the roadway.  I rolled down a window and asked two ladies passing by if there were any flights.  Nope, they were all delayed.  I was not having any of it.  So, I got out of the car, unloaded my bag and went to see if what they said were true at the gates.  Sure enough, all flights were suspended.  I felt my heart drop and I wanted to hit someone.  This strike has been going on for three weeks.  They are teachers.  There has been no classes for three weeks!  And do you know what they want?  A 30% raise.  Pretty amazing.  I was mostly surprised and irritated that the airport would pay attention to a bunch of teachers standing outside of their airport or even that they would think somehow people who travel are directly linked to their teaching positions.

So, we headed back to the truck and I reloaded my things.  I was surprisingly calm at this point.  Usually, I would be a basket-case.  I would be a nervous wreck.  But, really the it just shows how the Lord has changed me in this.  I called Chad on the way back to the truck and told him to get me LAN’s number so I could call them and get something worked out.  He told Elisabeth from the office and she was then on the phone with me and then with LAN and helped us get some things cleared out.  In the meantime we just went straight to Arequipa, which is a four hour drive, to try and get on a flight from there.

Well, I’ve arrived in Arequipa and I went to the airport and I got my tickets rescheduled, but I don’t leave now until the 21st.  But, I have a place to stay here in Arequipa.  It’s pretty neat to think that I have some connections all across the country.  So, that’s where I’m at now.  I praise the Lord for the difficulties of the day, because it has taught me more patience and it has also shown me how the Lord can really carry my worries and concerns.  I praise Him also because with the new flight arrangement I get from Lima to Cali all in one day!  No spending the nights in any airports!  Praise His Name.

So, my goodbyes are done.  This chapter of my life is closed.  I have learned so many precious things that I would not give in exchange for anything in the world.  God, you are beautiful, and I’m delighted to call you my Father.  I ask you for many more times in my life like the ones that I have had.



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The End

Tonight, I literally feel the phrase “rest my weary bones.”  As I sank into my bed just now I felt my body tell me thank you for finally stopping.  Today was a big day.  I put as my status on Facebook earlier that “Wanna see if you can be cool-headed under high-pressure situations?  Have a garage sale in Peru!” – or something to that effect.  But, it’s true!

We had a sale in our home today, and the final day of sale is Tuesday.  Everything that we perhaps have accumulated over the past two years, or things that don’t fit us anymore or that we simply won’t need in the next chapter of our lives have been pinned or taped with a price tag and placed before the critical public of Puno.  It has been a successful sale as well as a frustrating one.  People are people no matter what country you are in!

So, here we are, five days until I leave this country.  I have learned a great deal about; God, the Bible, myself, how to treat others, basically many things in all forms of relationships.  I was just telling Kristen this afternoon about what Amanda said once about Extreme, how it can act as a sort of hospital.  It’s been that for me.  When I came to Peru I was spiritually sick, but it was my obedient step to follow God’s plan for my life that lead me the healing.  Peru has been my rehab.  It’s a safe environment with rules backed up by well-clarified authoriy.  I am so pleased and proud of the person that my Lord has formed, and continues to form, me into.  I would be hopeless without Him.

It is sad for me to watch the house be emptied little by little.  My room just seems so spirit-less.  The end is here.  The change is thick in the air and I am floating in it.

We went out to eat rotisserie chicken tonight after we closed the doors of our sale (7 pm) and we had such a good time.  It was Chad, Amanda, Franci, Sammy and me.  We laughed a lot.  And while we were eating and laughing I was thinking about how this really is coming to an end.  It’s not a date that is marked on the calender a month to come from now, but it’s here in less than a week.  There are many things I’m going to miss.  Many things that I will carry in my heart and treasure.  When particular songs play on my iPod or certain smells waft in the air I will transcend to Peru, and my heart will ache to turn back the clock and relive the “glory” of these times.  I know this because it is what always happens.  But, perhaps knowing it now more than ever I can appreciate more the end.

Last night we had a prayer service that to my surprise was more than just that.  The baby congregation in Juliaca had gotten me a farewell gift and had prepared a chicken dinner.  I was surprised, especially since I had said I didn’t want anything, because I know my brothers and sisters there don’t have much to give.  But, I was honored and humbled to be served truly for the first time by these people that I love so much.  I see the pain in their eyes that I say I have to go, but everytime I push them to not look at me, but to look at our Heavenly Father and to love Him.  To love Him more than they love on me.  It’s my prayer that they do.

Me accepting the beautiful gift from my brothers and sisters in Juliaca.

This will probably be my last post on Trevor in Peru.  As you all know I’ve decided to continue working with Extreme and I’ll no longer be working in Peru.  So, of course, I can no longer write as being in Peru!  As this chapter closes, so does this blog.  I will continue blogging, just a different one.  I will let you know when that happens.

Pray for me as I make my way home.  I have been praying for God to increase my faith in Him, and I ask that you help me pray that too.  For the next step I am making with Extreme I have to raise a surrmountable amount of money.  I am nervous, because I only have a month and a half to do it.  God has been leaving me little morsels leading me, comforting me.

And finally, but certainly not of any unimportance, I would like to thank you.  Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your financial support.  Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and becoming involved in this ministry.  It would be foolish to think that I have done this alone.  I praise the Lord for you all.  Thank you.

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The Floating Woman

She was floating on air.  The amber light shown down on us from the rather low-hanging lightbulb and dipped everything, even the rusty stove top, with a gold coat.  If I wasn’t mistaken, half the light beaming in the kitchen came from her face.  I ducked to avoid hitting my head on the meat hanging from the ceiling as I came around the countertop and set down the now empty giant pot.

“I didn’t think that I was going to come tonight,”she said even still wearing her smile. I asked her why, “Diego fell off the bed, and then Jessica threw water on our bed…” and she went on to describe a day that was frustrating and trying and yet, she was there, wearing that smile.

“I had a ridiculous day today as well,” I told her, able to sympathize with the spiritual battle that she had fought against.  “It was just thing after thing,’ I continued, ‘And it ended with me loosing it and throwing mustard all over the kitchen.” I laughed at the ridiculousness of how it sounded, but every ounce of it true.  She laughed with me.  We were both full of joy and content from the beautiful church service we just came out of.  Our area coordinator Ps. Segundo Rimarachin had come to the church to give a special message to our brothers and sisters and afterward we shared food, hot chocolate and testimonies.  The beauty of it all was still hanging over our hearts, like a heavy morning fog.  I prayed that the morning sun would never come out to chase it away.

I lowered my voice a little, “And Efrain, how is it that he came?”  She shrugged her shoulders a little bit and teetered on her feet as she giggled.  This is something that we all have been praying for, to see her husband step foot into the church and eventually give his life over to Christ.

“I told him, ‘Let’s go to the church,’ and he said, ‘Okay!.'” She let out another giggle showing her crooked line of teeth.

“Wow, Diana!” I encouraged her, “We won’t stop praying for him.  This is such a huge step for him!” She nodded her head. The guinea pigs began to squeek filling the momentary silence.  They scurried around our feet as we stood there taking in the bliss of the moment.  Diana knows the rather large move this is for her husband, to be present in church.  He’s always been on the edge, always on the brink of making the move toward Christ, but something always pulls him backward.  But, this was the first time he came to the House of God.

I asked her if she would be able to go to the church service Sunday in Puno, she said she would like to and told me to go ask Efrain if he would go.  I walked out of the kitchen into the darkness of their black patio.  I left the golden lights and stepped into the darkness.  My eyes adjusted a little as I tried meneuvering myself around the muddy wet spots, not wanting to get my dress shoes too dirty.  Pocha started barking and howling from inside her mud house.  She had just had pups and is overly protective.  The sheet of tattered plywood blocked her exit.  “Shut up, Pocha!” I yelled passing by.

I got out to Efrain, who was sitting on his motorcylce with his one year old son seated on his lap.  He was ready to go.  “Hey, Efra!” I got his attention and shook his hand, “Hey, are you going to come to church in Puno this Sunday morning?” He looked at me rather dazed, “We are going to come here first and pick everyone up and then go all together.”

His expression changed from bewilderment to encouraged, “Yea!’ he said, ‘Let’s go!  We’ll go.” Diana came out just in time to hear his answer and I swear the street lamps couldn’t match the glow that eminated from her smile.  We all shook hands and gave goodbye kisses.  Diana got on the motorcycle behind Efrain seemingly by levetation.  Her hair bounced slowly about as she settled herself behind her husband.  She reached out her hand for one last handshake.  I recieved it and Efrain began their trek home pulling Diana’s hand from mine.  She held firmly until the force separated us, reflecting, I’m sure, how much she wants to hold on to the happiness and blessing she was feeling.


Last night was a blessing.  Pastor Rimarachin is in Puno to visit the church plants where we have been working and last night he was able to see Juliaca and the church we have there.  I was so excited to have him.  We prepared a special service with food and hot chocolate for afterward and in my head everything was going to go as planned.  However, yesterday things were falling apart all around me.  I was worried about raising support for my next job and then little inconveniences happened one after the other.  In the end, after I had thrown mustard across the kitchen, I realized I was in the midst of spiritual battle.  I prayed for strength.  Immediatly I found encouragement in passed experiences that when things like this happen it’s Satan trying to keep me from experiencing the pouring out of a blessing from God.  And boy, was it ever a blessing.

Our church last night was full.  I mean, PACKED!  People were practically tripping over each other to get to their seats.  Granted, there were only 19 people (including kids) that were from Juliaca and the rest, making 30, were from other places… I didn’t care.  It was beautiful to hear such a small room filled with chorus lifted to our God.

At the end, we served hot chocolate and sandwiches.  There were 30 sandwiches and one was left over.  God’s provision was shown last night!  Then, we were able to share how the church started and also the miracle that is Diana.  She was able to share her thanks to the Pastoral family for their support when she was bed-ridden from her accident.

It was just an amazing night to see how the Lord was and IS moving in Juliaca.  Here are pictures from the night:

(top image: Ceni y Faustina; image left: Efrain, Diana y Diego; right image: Eulalia)

There’s everyone!

And this is how crammed we were.  It doesn’t look so bad here though…

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I’m Feelin’ Good

So really, I am feeling really good!  If you saw me right now you may think not as I’m spread-eagle on the living room floor attempting to write this post, but really, I assure you… I’m feeling REALLY good!  This is due to several reasons; 1.) we are almost done in Puno, 2.) I will be embarking on a new journey very soon, 3.) I’ve been exercising daily, 4.) I’ve been watching what I’m eating and trying to eat more balanced, and 5.) the Lord is continuing His work in me and forming me into an obedient follower of Christ.

There is a bit of sad news that I have to share with you.  We have decided to leave Ilave.  This has been a long-time-coming especially in my heart.  We called the Pastor after having made the decision that we wanted to cut out time down in Ilave to one day a week and we wanted to hear what he had to say about that and to our surprise he told us to get out of Ilave.  The fact is, people in Ilave are not showing any kind of interest or dedication.  I told Sammy last week that every time I look at the list of people’s names that we visit in Ilave I feel an emptiness toward them.  I don’t feel sadness, nor do I feel anger, nor do I feel depression, I just feel nothing.  This is something I’ve taken to the Lord over and over, and this is where He has led us.

Sammy feels distraught that we are leaving without having planted a church.  Before we decided to leave and we were just talking about cutting down the days Sammy was very bewildered by our discussion.  I just straight-up told him, I think this is you feeling that you failed when this is something beyond you.  He told me that wasn’t so, but I feel that sometimes the Peruvians don’t understand where to separate the work of God and the work of their human hands.

I am at peace with leaving Ilave.  After working there for a year and still not ever having a single person give their lives over 100% to the Lord, I feel freed from this burden.  I told Sammy that this Saturday after we say goodbye to our contacts in Ilave I want to literally shake the dust from my feet before getting on the combi.

Things are coming to an end, as is this post.  I have to end this abruptly because I have to leave the house.  Ciao!

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You Must Read This

This morning I cannot help but put my calender week on fast-forward and write this blog two days ahead of time.  I don’t know exactly when I will publish this post, whether that will be tonight or on Tuesday, but I just have to write, right now!

I am completely moved this morning.  And I’m utterly humbled, at that.  I love the Lord’s Word and how He speaks to us through it.  There is a book that I’m reading called Doctrine by Mark Driscoll in which he explains that there are only two ways of knowing God, 1.) by speculating and 2.) by revelation.  It is an amazing privilege to have this book we call the Bible in which God has revealed himself to us.  We do not have to speculate!  We have his revelation.  This is the verse that I read this morning:

Romans 5:3-5
Not only that, but we frejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering gproduces endurance, 4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, 5 andhhope does not put us to shame, because God’s love ihas been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

I know it’s a verse that we have probably read before and found much encouragement.  But, it’s something of a whole different breed when we read something in the Bible that is true to our very lives in the present.  I mean, when you read the Bible and you see how the Word of God has materialized itself into your own life, that is an amazing thing!

Last week, I wrote about a praise, that being that the Lord is doing a great work in Juliaca, but I just want to expand upon this.  It’s so important that you see what I’m talking about here!

Perhaps five months ago Sammy and I were on a bus coming back from Cusco.  I wrote about my trip back from Cusco back in January but I didn’t mention this part of our conversation.  I told Sammy that we had to come up with a plan of what to do with Juliaca… that perhaps, if it came down to it, we would have to plan to tell people out there to start looking into other churches.  I was obviously full of doubt, but there was evidently something that convicted me of this doubt and instead to have faith.  In that same post in January I asked you to fast and pray with me for the people of Puno, this is what I said:

Fast with us as we plead to God His work and change in the people of Puno.  We have little time left, and humanly we would consider it a lost deal, but I have faith that God has a plan here.

Oh, dear readers!  The Lord certainly has a plan!  As I write this entry I just realized that this fruit is just as much YOURS as it is ours here in Peru.  We both can learn from Romans 5:3-5.

We prayed earnestly through fasting for these people and it took four-five months to see the fruit of these prayers.  The tribulation that we faced was possibly leaving Juliaca with absolutely nothing.  But, at least for me, the tribulation caused me to have patience.  Actually, looking back I’m surprised how patient I was!  I taught me patience.

The Lord graciously opened doors to give us a meeting place and not only that, but one we are free of paying rent.  We only pay the electric bill.  It is better than we could ever have dreamed for.  In fact, the Lord gave us something better for which we had ever asked!  What a loving Father!  And now, we are seeing a consistent attendance of 10-13 people coming each Sunday, and this past Friday for our prayer service we had 11 people.  We are quickly outgrowing our location, but I want to see this place packed as full as it gets.  This is the experience mentioned in Romans.  It’s actually the word “proof:”

…that is, experimental evidence that we have “believed through grace.”

And this beautiful, beautiful proof has caused in me this morning an inexplicable amount of hope.  This proof is also for you readers!  You who prayed with me, who were patient with me, this is proof to you also!  This, I hope and pray, is encouragement to you, is hope to you.

I am so relieved that this is the passage that God allowed me to read this morning.  I feel so free of stress in this moment and so heavy with joy.  Now, I want to put before you another challenge that will require more patience.  Please, take upon yourselves another tribulation.  Pray with us, and eve fast with me on Tuesdays, asking the Lord for 12 members before July 20th (the day I leave Peru and our project finishes).  I have faith that the Lord can do it!  He can do anything!  He has shown us the proof!  This is a challenge for me just as it is for you, but I urge you that you take it.  Let’s grow more in our hope and faith in Christ together.  Join me, and pray fervently to the Lord that He will raise us 12 members before July 20th.

I suppose I should tell you why I feel it so necessary to have 12 members.  Why is this my goal?  Because, by actually achieving this goal the church in Juliaca becomes officially recognized in Peru as a Nazarene cell group and it will become more probable then that they will receive trained leadership.  It’s crazy how much these people really become like your sheep.  I can relate to Paul and how he must have felt toward his flock and the concern he held for them.  I want what is best for our flock in Juliaca, and I believe that can be achieved by getting them to 12 members.

How many do we have so far?  The answer is zero.  We have not one member.  But you know, it doesn’t matter.  God can do this.  He has given us proof that He can.  Pray with me.  If you decide to undertake this challenge, will you email me?


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Grace gRaCe GRace grACe GRACE!

Something that I am eternally grateful for is the fact that we as Christians are always learning about life, about God, about ourselves.  I will never tire of always being able to learn.  I love it, really!  I really really really love it!

I don’t normally like to do my devotions on my computer, because I feel like it’s a cold process… I can’t touch my computer the same way I can touch my physical Bible; however, an iPad would be really different in this aspect (I’m praying that God provides one for me because I’ll be traveling a lot these next two years and it can be like 100-things-in-1 and would save me a lot of grief/luggage).  However, I’ve forced myself to use my computer as a bible study resource, and I must say it’s proved to me a great one.

Before, I read the Bible with a bit of impatience and didn’t take the time to really study what I read.  Now, I’m pushing to pull out as much truth as I can from what I’m reading.  Something that I’m astounded by as I study Romans is grace.  I’ve been frustrated with myself lately for personal faults like, lack of self-control and impatience.  I’ve been struggling hard against these “little” sins (really there exsists no such thing).  Through my stumblings my eyes have been opened to how ugly I am.

One of my biggest life-fears is going bald.  Unfortunately, I have noticed, and rather obsessed over the fact that I am developing a receding hairline.  I know this is a test to bring God out of my vanity, which honestly is something of which I had a lot.  That doesn’t mean that I’m 100% happy about loosing my hair, but the thought entered my head one day as I was looking in the mirror and thinking great pain upon my ancestors for passing along their good-for-nothing balding genes that instead of worrying so much about my physical appearance, why am I not more worried about how I appear before God?!  I am 100% happy that God is using this to bring me to His feet.

It’s been said before, but I never truly heard it with my heart until recently, that one cannot fully enjoy the grace of God until they understand and see how completely ugly they are in their heart.  After seeing how ugly I am I can appreciate the grace that God gives us.  It’s rather incredible!

So, those are my current steps in my walk with God.  Now for an update on work.  I have some amazing praises!  Firstly, Diana, the woman that had the wall fall on her, is up and walking almost 100% normally!  And, she had no sort of physical therapy at all.  I look at her and I just see the miracle that she is.  God has definitely worked in her life on many different levels.  You can praise the Lord for her recovery!

Secondly, this past Sunday was mother’s day (Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s btw) and we had a special Mother’s Day service in Juliaca.  We had told the women in the church to invite the mother’s that they knew to come for Mother’s Day.  We had in church 16 adults and 20 people including children not counting ourselves!  There was no more sitting room.  The Pastor’s wife came out to speak to the women and as she was leaving she told me how she loved to see churches packed full like that, and I told her how grateful I am for God’s work in Juliaca.  This is an answer to our and your prayers!  I mean, I’m talking about you the readers/supporter/prayer warriors!  God is working a miracle in Juliaca.  Give praise to the Lord, for He is good and He is showing His merciful merciful hand in Juliaca!

I’m still rather sworn to secrecy concerning my new position with Extreme.  If I have not gotten in contact with you yet about my future plans, but would like to talk to me about my next step and you simply and contain yourself any longer then you can email me at or you can call my Skype number 330-947-1730.

Again, I just want to thank all you who support this mission.  You are not supporting me, I am not the person with the need!  Thank you so much for all your partnership and helping pray with us for these places.  With only two months to go it’s amazing to look back and see what the Lord has done.  Thank you all for being His instruments and being obedient.  Thank you!

Alright, see you next week!

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They Have Decided To Follow Jesus

So quickly I’m turning out another post, I know, but from here on out I wish to make every Tuesday my publishing day… because I actually have the time on Tuesdays.  What?!  So, instead of waiting until next Tuesday, because that will throw me off, I’ve decided to write today.

Soon I will be switching my blog over to a new URL (web address) because I’m not going to be in Peru forever.  When I came up with “Trevor in Peru,” I thought I was so clever… but then I saw that other missionary folk have used the same idea exp., Laura in Mexico, John in Bangladesh, Harvey in Timbuktu.  It was crushing that I was not as unique as I thought.  But, I’ve got it on everybody with my new blog name.  I’m not sure I want to share it with you just yet.  I will keep you in suspense.  You know, to keep you coming back here every once in a while, because I’m sure that my new blog name is going to keep you up until 2 a.m. thinking, What could it be?!

As we are coming to a close in our work Sammy and I are having to really buckle down on what our goals are.  I’m excited that even with the end in sight along the horizon I still feel compelled to give this work my all.  That is certainly a God given gift because that’s not typically how I work.  But, one of the things that we are trying to instill in our contacts is the fact that they are not following us, rather Christ.

When Sixto left the field we experienced a rather large drop in attendance in Ilave.  Because of leaving our team and Sammy’s arrival we experienced a rough patch with some contacts.  After a short trial we come through to the other end and realized… these people aren’t going to see us as their leadership because their eyes and their hearts were placed on Sixto.  They were following a man rather than our God.  Because of all that, and among other things, we decided to close the locale we were occupying.

We’ve been telling people that we are going to leave, that it’s inevitable.  And we’ve been stressing to all our contacts that they are making a decision to follow Christ, not us.  I want to involve you in our ministry by praying faithfully with us that God will touch our contacts hearts and show them that He is the one that brought change into our lives.  Pray that their faith and their commitment in Christ grows ever stronger.

I am amazed at the work that God is doing in Juliaca.  We have been praying for a miracle to happen there and what we are witnessing is just that.  For a long time I thought we were going to have to leave Juliaca and focus more on Ilave.  God has slapped me in the face with His grace being poured out on Juliaca.  Since we’ve opened the locale in Santa Andreana, Juliaca we have seen a steady church attendance of 10-13 people.  Our need to become an official cell group is to have 12 members!  We are well on the way to reaching this goal when only three months ago we felt it was dead ground.  Praise be to Him!  The work is not finished yet, continue to pray that the Lord keeps working this miracle.  I have 100% faith that we can have a church strongly planted in Juliaca.  Amen!

I am not able to publish my new job opportunity online because it’s stuff is not all finalized, however I would like to chat with you about it and in turn talk to your church congregations.  That means, if you want the inside scoop, email me: (  If you have Skype we can Skype-it-up, or whatever!  I’m just as excited to talk to you about this as you are to talk to me.

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